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If you have adopted a GWP and wish to share a few pictures and a short summary describing your experiences, please do so!  Send to:  gwpdoc@sbcglobal.net  On the subject line, please write:  RESCUE-HAPPY TALES.  We'd love to hear your story.


    I wanted to let you know that Paisley has turned into quite a lady. She is 66 lbs. She is very birdie! Jaeger and Paisley walk 6 miles a day and run another 1 to 1½ hour a day. Guard duty never seems to end. Even from the window she guards the no fly zone. We have made a few adjustments to keep her in our yard. But we wouldn't change a thing about her. Her big brown eyes still shine brighter than ever. She has a great personality, and still thinks she is a lap dog. She is very stubborn!

   She likes to scale an 8' and 10' block walls. After the birds she goes. Up and over she goes! She walks across the top of the wall like it is a balance beam. Hot wire fences challenge her to jump higher.  However, all don't seem to bother her.

   My neighbors are surprised to see Paisley walk on top of the wall like it is a balance beam. We consider our yard to be the no fly zone of Arizona! She is teaching Jaeger all about birds and the no fly zone. They are both a pleasure to have.

   I wanted to send you some pictures of the two of them. I hope they brighten your day. She continues to have fun with the walls, the birds, myself, my husband and Jaeger (aka Frosty) from Julie Duarte. We love them both to death.

   We had to put our 17 yr old down in January. She was a good dog to both Paisley and Jaeger.



Susan & Barry


Peoria, Arizona


SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 

Cindi, I wish you could watch Gabby swim in Tahoe. The front of her body looks like she is doing the butterfly stroke and her back legs are doing a frog kick.  She has learned to be a fast swimmer and now beats our other dog out to the floating frisbee...

Both doggies start to SQUEAL with glee as we approach the parking area near Sand Harbor.  They just love it......

Gabby has an extremely high pitched bark; think she had to relearn to bark because she wore a bark collar. 

We had to put our 13 year old German Shorthair to sleep mid-August; so heartbreakingly sad (Sadie was Gabby's security blanket when we were in the car; Gabby would get on top of her !!!).  Gabby can now ride in the car and not drool.  That, in itself, has been a landmark.

Hope you and your poochies are doing well.  This Gabby is such a wonderful dog - very loyal, loving and AGILE!  She looks like a deer as she leaps over things....

Thank you for rescuing her!


JULY 25, 2009 

Wiggles is doing very well.  He traveled well in the car, has made good friends with my mom's Golden Retriever, and has done well meeting new dogs in the neighborhood (two Border Terriers and a Sheltie).  He is getting lots of walks and playtime and is of course very "interested" in the wild turkeys, squirrels, and birds.

I will send updates and photos in a few months.

Thanks again for all you do.




July 29, 2009

The people who have Bristles are very nice.  They love dogs and have always adopted from rescue or shelters.  Bristles relaxed with them within half an hour and was going up leaning in for petting.  The property has a solidly fenced large yard and a glassed in sun room with dog door (that Bristles started to used by Saturday afternoon).

The man takes Bristles to work with him, so Bristles will be a "job-dog."  Sounds like he's getting along with the other men on the job site, too.

Bristles continues to get happier (and sillier) every day!

[Picture(s) will be posted when received.]

 AGATHA ("Abby") UPDATE--Jan. 12, 2010

Just wanted to give you an update on Agatha. We have renamed her Abby for starters,and she so far has adjusted well.

She rode beautifully in the car on the way back home along with Haas. They both are great dogs. We got her home and she is loving her new home, with her comfy new bed, toys, and 2800 acres to play on. She is very excited! It will obviously take time for her to adjust completely, but she has been great. She is very fun, and a big lover. She's perfect for my home.

As I am typing to you she is in the living room gnawing on her new squeaky, and laying on the floor beside my husband. She is a big hit! So thanks again for this amazing animal, she will be well taken care of and very loved. I will send some pictures and an update in a few weeks and let you know how she is doing. Thanks again!